Feb 15

Radical Agenda EP103 – Millennial Woes

Millennial Woes joins us via Skype to discuss all manner of things, and there is quite a bit to discuss. He describes himself as “A GenX/Millennial Scottish guy pontificating about the world we live in, and are heading towards” and has been making some very thoughtful commentary on European politics and social conditions as of late.

Radical Agenda EP103 - Millennial Woes

Radical Agenda EP103 – Millennial Woes

I sorta hate to continue talking about the Cologne sexual assault scandal in Germany, I try to be more current than that, but MW had some excellent commentary on the situation which we’ll absolutely have to discuss. Specifically, even if liberals were correct, that the molesters were not recent refugees, or that they were not Islamic extremists, this actually is a far more frightening narrative than that of recently displaced religious zealots. If they were not extremists, if they were not refugees, then this only means that assimilation of Muslims into Europe is impossible.

Stateside, Justice Antonin Scalia is dead. Found cold and without a pulse in his bed, with a pillow over his head.  A political firestorm is now brewing, because if Barack Obama is able to nominate his replacement on the Supreme Court before being replaced himself at the beginning of next year, then the left/right balance of the court will be dramatically altered for years or even decades to come. Very contentions cases are set to come before the court, on issues such as abortion, race relations, health care, labor unions, climate change, religion, and immigration.

Simply put, blocking this nomination is the most important task the Republican party has had in the last 8 years. This is of greater consequence than Obamacare and Cap & Trade combined. Moreover, presuming the GOP does their job and prevents the appointment, it means the next president is going to have a SCOTUS nomination as his first task, upping the stakes for the presidential race.

There’s plenty more to get into, and of course, we’re taking your calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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    Here’s a daily meme for a great show

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    Also, sounds like the caller around 1:00 needs to look into neoreaction

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