Feb 17

Radical Agenda EP104 – The Isle of Mute

Police in Scotland have said the arrest of a man responsible for a series of “offensive” Facebook posts about Syrian refugees resettled on the Isle of Bute should send a clear message that such social media abuse will not be tolerated. Following a report of a series of alleged offensive online posts relating to Syrian refugees living in Rothesay on Bute, Police Scotland confirmed on Tuesday that a 40-year-old man, understood to be from the Inverclyde area, had been arrested under the Communications Act.

Radical Agenda EP104 - The Isle of Mute

Radical Agenda EP104 – The Isle of Mute

He’s not the only one getting punished for speaking against the invasion of his country. Two leaders of Britain First were arrested recently for the crime of wearing “political uniforms” while on a leafleting session in Luton several weeks ago. The Muslims who attacked them during their leafleting session, have not been prosecuted, in case you’re curious.

And I thought getting banned from Twitter was bad.

When governments aren’t silencing people, they’re making them talk. Apple has been ordered to help the feds break into the iPhones of the San Bernardino shooters. Apple intends to fight the order, saying it is without legal precedent and that putting “backdoors” into their phones would be “too dangerous”.

So strange that all these tyrannical things are happening in direct relation to the ongoing immigration crises. I mean, don’t our open borders friends always shout from the rooftops how good this is for freedom? Maybe we just need more migrants

In other news, why was there no autopsy for Antonin ScaliaJeb Bush openly self identifies as a Democrat. Ted Cruz ditches Christians in favor of God’s Chosen People. There might be nuclear weapons in Iraq after all. Twitter isn’t just banning people, it’s hiding conservative tweets as well. And of course, your calls at 218-936-815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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