Feb 19

Radical Agenda EP105 – Koch Bern

Charles Koch wrote an op ed in the Washington Post, about where he agrees with Bernie Sanders. A phenomenon that might sound quite odd to anyone who had gotten their political information from the Vermont Senator, because Bernie is more interested in bashing the Koch brothers than he is in addressing issues on the campaign trail.

But the top Republican donor does manage to find some common ground with the democratic socialist. He too, takes issue with a political system that rigs the economy. He too sees a criminal justice system that is foundationally flawed. He’s not quite prepared to endorse the Senator, but he celebrates these areas of common ground.

Radical Agenda EP105 - Koch Bern

Radical Agenda EP105 – Koch Bern

And that’s a huge mistake. Bernie Sanders is due no respect or celebration. He is not simply misguided in his answers to real problems, he is intentionally miscategorizing the nature of the problem to thrust himself into a seat of power where he can make these problems worse. He wants revenge on all that is good and decent in society, because the laws of economics had the nerve to make his life miserable in his earlier years. Bernie Sanders didn’t earn a regular paycheck until he was 40 years old. He just walked around complaining to all his friends that the rich were ripping everybody off, apparently unaware that not working has this nasty habit of keeping people in poverty.

Charles Koch, and many other “libertarians” treating Sanders as anything other than a dangerous parasite are to blame for more of our problems in society than the Democratic party. Like Murray Rothbard said in “Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature“, the right has this terrible habit of granting the left a sort of moral superiority. As if equality were some sort of laudable goal unfortunately hindered by the realities of the world. In fact, equality being an impossible goal, it is also an evil one to work toward.

In other news, Bruce Jenner says being a Republican is harder than being trans in Hollywood. Are libertarian women getting their due? A US Marine gets assaulted by Black Lives Matter “activists”, and a Louisiana cop has a message for criminals. All that and more, plus your calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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