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Radical Agenda EP106 – Get It

Previously on the Radical Agenda, a caller repeatedly told us he wanted a girlfriend, oblivious to how the desperate nature of his plea made certain he would not find one. My response was a mixture of mockery and a token effort to actually help the situation. I’d like to go into a bit more depth on that today.

I’ve been doing a bit of research on the subject, after all. I recently listened to Jonathan Haidt’s “The Righteous Mind” and read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. I’m currently reading “The 48 Laws of Power” and listening to “50 Scientifically Proven Was To Be Persuasive”. I have a few more books I want to get through on the subject of persuasion and influence before I call myself any sort of expert on the subject, but it seems worth delving into a bit today.

If you only knew me from the blog/podcast, you might think that my entire life is made up of politics, philosophy, anger, and treating people like dirt. However, this is a pretty small piece of my overall life. The people who actually know me find the online persona even funnier since I generally treat people very well. It’s not a misrepresentation, mind you. I confront my enemies, carry guns, and engage in heated arguments on a regular basis, that much is true. But generally, that is how I treat people from whom I want nothing.

To get what you want, different tactics are required. Unless what you want from a person is for them to leave your presence, or to provide you with the entertainment of watching them suffer, belligerence is not the way. As previously mentioned, nobody generally cares what you want. People care about what they want. So for you to get what you want from someone, you have to be working with somebody who shares your goals, or at least, to convince them that meeting your goals also does something to advance their own.

Take the case of finding a romantic partner. A man who wants a particular woman meets one of her needs by stating that he wants her, namely, her need to feel wanted. But if she is worth a damn, she likely wants a lot more than that. She wants someone who is physically attractive, successful, intelligent, funny, strong, etc… How much of that she is willing to sacrifice in a partner is directly related to what she has to offer. If she is not particularly attractive herself for example, she might be willing to forgo finding a particularly attractive mate. She might not place a high value on material resources if she is more interested in looks, etc…

Whatever the case, and this extends well beyond romance, there is little one can do in the moment. One has to make themselves desirable in advance. If you let your physical shape deteriorate prior to meeting the woman, you cannot become physically fit in the moment. If you do not take care to improve your financial situation over time, you cannot make yourself wealthy in the moment. If you have not taken means to educate yourself over time, you cannot make yourself intelligent in the moment. If your reputation is bad, you cannot make it good in the moment.

Thus, to get what you want, you have to become someone who is worthy of getting it. Be it a romantic partner, a business contract, or a political goal, you cannot simply assert what you want in the moment and expect a lifetime of carelessness to achieve your desired outcome.

Radical Agenda EP106 - Get It

Radical Agenda EP106 – Get It

In other news, rappers are going broke left and right. Kanye West owes $53 million and wants Mark Zuckerberg to foot the bill. 50 Cent is heading back to bankruptcy court to answer for instagram photos of him posing with bundles of cash. These guys seem to have gotten everything they wanted, and still wound up broke. If they can’t stay out of bankruptcy court with wealth beyond most people’s wildest dreams, what hope does the welfare state have of bringing up the downtrodden?

You know who’s not broke? Donald Trump. Not only does he have plenty of money, he’s raking in the votes as well. He just dominated the South Carolina primary, causing Jeb Bush to pack it up after spending hundreds of millions of dollars on his failed campaign.

Desperate to advance the cause of cuckery, Glenn Beck is asking his fans to go on a fast with him in support of Ted Cruz. Something tells me that skipping meals is not a way to get what you want, unless what you want is deteriorating health and weight loss.

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