Feb 24

Radical Agenda EP107 – Losers

Last week we spent a little time talking about how to get what you want. I left a very important part out of that discussion, wanting things you can actually have. All the talent, charisma, fame, and fortune in the world will not make you a Unicorn. No amount of ambition or white guilt will make Ben Carson President of the United States. There is not enough autism in the world to prevent the presidential election from taking place. No amount of reason, logic, or evidence will convince the writers at the Huffington Post to act with integrity. There is no upper limit on how long a list of impossible things can be.

Some things are just plain impossible is the point, and short of winning some senseless martyrs contest for ideological purity, nothing is gained by demanding the impossible.

Even back in 2012 when I was volunteering for the Ron Paul campaign, I kept my expectations in check. I had no expectation of a Ron Paul presidency. I supported Ron Paul because he was saying things that needed to be said. He delivered that message in the most effective way available at the time. The payoff was a huge growth of the libertarian movement, making great friends, laying the groundwork for future efforts, and frankly, gaining some recognition for myself. So when Mitt Romney won the nomination, I lost nothing. My goals were accomplished.

Radical Agenda EP107 - Losers

Radical Agenda EP107 – Losers

This year, I opted to pick a winner. It’s a lot more fun this way, I must admit. Donald Trump absolutely dominated the Nevada caucuses last night, and watching the media vermin writhe like salted slugs was absolutely glorious. Watching “libertarians” stamp their feet and demand a bloodless abolition of democracy was almost as enjoyable. These people are losers, due to nothing but their own choice to be losers. They had a list of options, on that list of options was the choice to lose, and they chose it.

It is possible, even likely, that right after Donald Trump is elected, I’ll hate him. I’m not under the impression that the President of the United States has the capacity to do objectively good things. He is, after all, but the winner of a popularity contest, picked by the same idiotic vermin I perpetually say have not the intellectual capacity to organize world affairs. But similarly to my support of Ron Paul, I lose nothing in this. It’s not about any particular policy agenda. He has policies I like, and policies I don’t like, all of which will meet the test of a worthless criminal congress. The goal is to bring pain and suffering to my enemies, and in this I am richly rewarded, with minimal investment.

In other news, Japan’s negative interest rates have stimulated one sector of the economy, but perhaps not the one their central bank had intended. Facebook has prohibited law abiding Americans from using the system to facilitate legal private gun sales, but that hasn’t stopped terrorist groups from using it to trade military hardware. ISIS has vowed revenge against Facebook and Twitter for censorship, and I hope they succeed. Black Lives Matter activists who assaulted a marine have been arrested. And of course, your calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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