Feb 26

Radical Agenda EP108 – Flamewar

There’s a storm a’brewin over at Facebook. Employees have been writing “Black Lives Matter” on the walls, and other employees have been crossing it out to write “All Lives Matter”. According to the anti-white leftist narrative however, saying that all lives matter is racist, and Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t much appreciate his white employees standing up for themselves.

Radical Agenda EP108 - Flamewar

Radical Agenda EP108 – Flamewar

Zuckerberg insists that “There are specific issues affecting the black community in the United States coming from a history of oppression and racism. ‘Black Lives Matter’ doesn’t mean other lives don’t — it’s simply asking that the black community also achieves the justice they deserve.

But Zuckerberg is a smart guy. While we can with some degree of confidence assume that most of the public is simply ignorant to the staggering figures on black criminality, lifestyle choices, and biological differences, it is more difficult to believe that Mark’s intentions are anything less than sinister. For the objective observer, it is quite clear that “a history of oppression and racism” has little to do with the black man’s plight today. This hasn’t stopped Zuckerberg from accusing his own employees of being malicious for saying that all lives matter.

But Zuckerberg isn’t the only tech giant with questionable motives. Apple has been very cooperative with the Chinese government, even as it fights the government of the United States over unlocking the San Bernardino shooter’s phone. It’s a worthwhile question to ask, and it came up during the Republican debate last night. “Should Apple be forced to comply with the government’s order?”. What precedent will it set? Is this a backdoor to all iPhones?

Here is the simple truth of it. Apple has the capacity to make a device that Apple cannot crack. Apple chose to instead make a device that Apple could crack. Any device that is only secure until the government demands it be made insecure, is an insecure device. If the government ordered Bitcoin, PGP, or TrueCrypt to create a backdoor, this would be impossible. Apple made a device that could be cracked, and sooner or later, that crack will be made. So all the grandstanding about what they are doing amounts to little more than a PR stunt. If you have an iPhone, it is an insecure device. If the government wants the data on it, the government will have that data. Morals, legalities, and philosophy have nothing to do with it, this is simply the physics of power and technology. Apple doesn’t care about your privacy, and if they did, they would have made a device that they themselves could not crack.

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