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Radical Agenda EP110 – Brawl

Augustus Invictus was assaulted last night in Portland, Oregon. “Rose City Antifa” had promised to give Augustus and his party a “a good ol’ fashioned Rose City welcome” which apparently involved smashing windows out with a 2×4 and assaulting women.

A quick check of Oregon’s carry permit reciprocity showed me that they do not honor Florida carry permits, where Augustus is a candidate for the United States Senate. Augustus was (presumably due to this) unarmed at the time, and remarked on Facebook that things would have been quite different had his party been armed.

Radical Agenda EP110 - Brawl

Radical Agenda EP110 – Brawl

Let me say this plainly. The people who did this, the people who fund this kind of thing, the people who spread these ideas, they are enemies of the human race and they need to die. Killing them is a service to mankind, and really takes nothing away from those killed because they are ultimately just committing suicide anyway. These are not instructions for you to break the law, I’m just pointing out the physics of the situation.

Leftists are the AIDS of politics. They are attacking the immune system of society, attempting to lower our white blood cell count until we are unable to fight off the other diseases they spread. If they are not stopped, we’ll all be dead anyway. So what is the point of letting them live? Of what concern is it if some of us die fighting them, if they are going to get us all killed anyway?

Short sighted libertarians often overlook the obvious, because it is quite convenient. They will tolerate and even promote unspeakable levels of aggression in the world, condemn any use of force in response, and watch the doom of mankind with a certain sick satisfaction because they are miserable with their own lives.

Take this “Free The Nipple” madness we recently discussed as an example. New Hampshire whores and beta cucks are celebrating as the House Criminal Justice & Public Safety committee voted 18-0 to tank the bill to ban female nudity in public. Here’s what Ian Freeman had to say over at FreeKeene.com;

Today is a decisive loss for the prudes. To them I say leave topless women alone – your kids will be fine. If you don’t like seeing female areola, then advocate all public property be abolished and turned private. Then you can have a private beach just for people who want to keep their clothes on.

This is what some refer to as “Anarcho-Tyranny” but the situation suffers no lack of State intervention. Ian and his ilk celebrate the government imposing degeneracy on the society at taxpayer expense. As proof I offer the fact that there is not a single business in the entire state of New Hampshire that would welcome transgender sex shows like the “Free The Nipple” lunatics promote. The ONLY PLACE this can happen is on government property. Since when does “liberty” promote that which only the government can provide?

Ian and the rest of the left wing degenerates are fine with this aggression against the populace. The government is giving them everything they want and so there is no need for any real resistance. As far as they are concerned, so long as the government exists, it should promote the interests of the degenerates, and the government is more than happy to comply.

Ian insists that if decent people want a place to raise their children in a healthy non-sexualized environment, they’ll need to wait for the abolition of the State, and the privatization of the beach. He says this KNOWING that the privatization of the beach would result in the expulsion of these transgender and feminist filth from said beach. Then he claims to be a freedom fighter, even though it is only the State that permits this degeneracy to persist.

Well, to Ian and the rest of the filth who make such claims I say this. You have no right to complain when decent people use the State or any other weapon to stop you, because you’re using the State against the rest of us. This is the weapon in play, that is a choice YOU chose to make, and you have nobody to blame but yourselves for the consequences.

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