Mar 07

Radical Agenda EP112 – Revolt

As if this election cycle wasn’t crazy enough, there are people seriously entertaining the notion that a brokered convention might nominate Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for the presidency. It has been widely dismissed, but with Rubio failing to gain any traction the hacks that make up the party bosses are in a full blown panic and acting even more irrationally than usual. The rise of Donald Trump has turned “conservatives” into social justice warriors, wildly parroting the insane ramblings of the communists at the Huffington Post.

Radical Agenda EP112 - Revolt

Radical Agenda EP112 – Revolt

With things this tense, and such lunatic ideas being seriously entertained by the powers that be, it is important to contemplate alternatives to the democratic process. A Romney nomination, or even a Rubio, would be a big ole’ middle finger to the notion people have a say in who runs the government. Whatever one’s opinions on Donald Trump, it is almost certain he’ll show up at the convention with the majority of delegates. To stick us with Romney, a strategy which was tried and failed, or Rubio, who couldn’t even place second, would essentially mean the Republican primary voter had no say in the nominating process.

I’m all for the abolition of democracy, but if that is to be the case then we ought to be ruled by market forces, or at least, our betters. Romney gave us Obama’s second term, and if you are concerned about Donald Trump’s conservative credentials, the architect of Obamacare probably isn’t the best of alternatives. The fact that anyone even considers him a viable nominee is, as far as I’m concerned, an act of war.

In other news, Germany has banned sausages to avoid upsetting Muslim migrants. Lena Dunham’s reproductive system has gone into open rebellion against her feminist nonsense. A Catholic school refuses transgender students. And of course, your calls at 747-234-2254 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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  • Steven Lewis

    I had to stop listening, Romney’s voice made me sick. I paused it though and will pick it up tomorrow.

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