Mar 09

Radical Agenda EP113 – Shinebox

In the second “Super Tuesday” of the primary season, Donald Trump won Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii. He lost Idaho to Cruz, but still managed to take 12 delegates. Trump now has 458 delegates, which puts him 779 delegates short of the required 1,237 to win the Republican nomination. Following just shy of 100 behind is Cruz, who has 359 delegates. Cruz needs 878 more to take the nomination. Rubio lags behind in third with 151 delegates, putting him 1,086 away from winning the nomination.

Radical Agenda EP113 - Shinebox

Radical Agenda EP113 – Shinebox

Rubio performed so poorly that his campaign is basically over. His best hope is to drop out now and save face to run for governor of Florida. If he stays in the race it is only going to be for the purpose of distracting delegates in hope of fostering a brokered convention, which could lead to a revolt in the Republican party.

Trump went on for almost an hour about his victories, but all I could hear is “Go home and get your fuckin shinebox!” Despite the best efforts of the leftist media and the beta cuck bitches who run the Republican party, he’s easily mopped the floor with his rivals.

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In other news, the Pentagon admits to flying drones over the United States. FBI agents are under criminal investigation for gunning down Lavoy Finicum after the release of a video from inside his truck. Is white privilege undermining diversity on college campuses?

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