Mar 14

Radical Agenda EP115 – Attack!

It has been quite a weekend. The Trump campaign has once again managed to monopolize my attentions, first with riots at his planned rally in Chicago, then with the Breitbart News fallout and the resignations of Ben Shapiro and Michelle Fields.

Radical Agenda EP115 - Attack

Radical Agenda EP115 – Attack

We had briefly discussed the Fields incident on Friday’s episode. She claimed to have been assaulted by Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski after asking Trump a question about affirmative action. Fields, who told me at a Breitbart meetup in Manchester that whites will just have to deal with becoming a minority in their own countries, was instantly suspected of manufacturing or exaggerating the story. Her credibility did not improve as she made herself the tool of left wing media outlets and Megyn Kelly, making the story more dramatic with each telling.

Sunday evening, Fields and her colleague (((Ben Shapiro))) announced their resignations from Breitbart News. Unsurprisingly, the announcement came through the far left lunatics at Buzzfeed, to whom Shapiro gave the story.

If this wasn’t suspect enough from the gate, going scorched earth and bashing your former employer in exclusive interviews with communist publications makes it a near certain scam. It also puts Breitbart up a notch credibility wise in my book. There is obviously a great deal of pressure on them to side with the damsel in distress and her white knight Jew, condemning the alleged violence of the Trump campaign. Instead they released a mockery of the duo.

While all of this is going on, left right and center joined together to hold Donald Trump accountable for the actions of communist agitators who violently disrupted his rallies on Saturday. Cruz and Rubio both made statements blaming Donald Trump’s rhetoric for the efforts of MoveOn.org financed agitators who assaulted Trump supporters in Chicago. Megyn Kelly predictably echoed the same nonsense. All of them it turns out, agree with Hillary Clinton, who said essentially the same thing at Sunday’s Democrat Town Hall on CNN. Cruz lost hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers in the wake of his statements.

Let me put this simply. If you’re one of these people who still think the Trump campaign is just like all the rest, you’re a moron. It is unprecedented in modern political history to see the Republican Party work so hard to bring down its own presidential front runner.

In other news, I’m banned from Facebook AGAIN. Have you signed up for my email list yet? On the bright side, I’m back on Twitter.

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