Mar 18

Radical Agenda EP117 – Escape from Greece

It’s been a long and arduous road for the birthplace of democracy. What was once the home of Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates is now the home of a bankrupt Marxist government, and tens of thousands of Muslim refugees who threaten to murder their hosts if they aren’t given the goods and services they demand. Soon, the once premier tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches may be fit for nothing other than a prison.

Radical Agenda EP117 - Escape from Greece

Radical Agenda EP117 – Escape from Greece

It is quite funny to watch, in a way. Perhaps someday it will make for a fascinating documentary, once the smoke has cleared and people can see beyond the matrix of the present day. With every crisis and failure, the socialist State doubled down. A cycle of bankruptcies and bailouts finally led to the rise of Syriza, which itself led to another bailout. Still reeling from this series of catastrophes, an invasion of Muslim immigrants came pouring onto the shores, and everyone who opposed this was labeled a bigot and a right wing extremist.

Now surrounded by barbed wire, screaming racist ever more loudly at her neighbors, Greece continues to hemorrhage cash and cope with ever more invaders. Sadly, public discourse surrounding the crisis is unlikely to yield any benefit, and what unfolds in the future will be a truly horrific sight.

In other news, Ian Freeman was kicked out of the Free State Project in what can only be categorized as a degenerate vs. degenerate race to the bottom. A leftward decline toward gender and marriage abolition, sees a PR problem when their child molesters get too chatty with the public.

Speaking of filth, Lindsay Graham is holding a fundraiser for Ted Cruz. What a fantastic endorsement for this candidate who claims to be fighting the establishment?

But fear not conservatives, you can call these hypocrites out all day. Jack Dorsey says he “absolutely” doesn’t censor anyone on Twitter, despite his implementation of a “Trust & Safety Council” comprised entirely of left wing lunatics, and numerous right wing commentators, including me, being banned from the platform. I’m back on now, as FUFeelinz – Follow me, dammit.

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