Mar 21

Radical Agenda EP118 – Raid

Snow on the first day of Spring, FBI raids for child porn, it’s just another day in Keene, New Hampshire – home of my sorry excuse for a studio.

Yesterday I woke up to a text message which read “Just heard about the raid, are you over there?” Which of course had me scrambling to find out who got raided and why I might be implicated. What a way to start the day, right?

Radical Agenda EP118 - Raid

Radical Agenda EP118 – Raid

As you may already be aware, it was my fellow Keene resident and talk show host, Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live who got raided. Just days after the FSP branded him a pedophile and expelled him from their events, the FBI executed a warrant stemming from an investigation which went back to last year.

After listening to last night’s episode of Free Talk Live, I was able to discern that the investigation was part of an FBI investigation known as “Operation Pacifier“. Where the FBI took over a child porn website they busted on Tor, and infected its users with a bit of malware they call a “Network Investigative Tool” (NIT) to identify them. Free Talk Live just covered that story less than two weeks ago, and shortly after came the FBI raid.

“Play Pen” as the site was known, was the largest child porn operation known to man. The FBI operated the site for 13 days, turning the federal government into the largest distributors of child pornography on the planet for a brief period.

The good news is, it alleviates some prior concerns about the security of the Tor network. Instead it serves as an important reminder. Whatever security you are using, there are layers involved. Neglecting any one of those layers could lead to catastrophe.

The bad news, well, there is no shortage of that. For starters, your taxes and inflation compelled you to pay for the distribution of child pornography. Certainly not my favorite government program.

Additionally, since the investigation happened so long ago, and others have in fact been prosecuted since the investigation, this means the FBI (if they are telling the truth) knew the site had been accessed from Ian’s home quite some time ago. Knowing who Ian was, they refrained from following through on the investigation and instead waited for a politically opportune time to execute a search warrant. Even accepting the investigative technique of distributing child porn as appropriate, it is more than a little troubling to know that the FBI would engage in such petty political maneuvering. Or, does the NIT gather more than IP and MAC addresses? Did they use the porn site malware to spy on an activist, ignoring predatory sexual proclivities to facilitate a political investigation?

Ian denies having accessed the site. As do his two homosexual roommates, one of whom was naked during the raid and declined to get dressed as the FBI searched the home.

In other news, Twitter is pretty much screwed, still losing money even as revenues top $2.2 billion a decade into the operation. Google is officially in the business of violently overthrowing governments. Helicopter parenting has led to a generation of ovenworthy children. The Easter Bunny is a violent criminal. And of course, your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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