Mar 30

Radical Agenda EP122 – Lauren Southern

In the last year or so, Lauren Southern has made her way across my radar a few times. While running for office as a candidate for the Libertarian Party of Canada, the party brass tried to see her removed from the ticket because she had the nerve to say “There is no rape culture in the West” at a “slut walk”. This part was hardly surprising, we’ve got serious SJW problems in the Libertarian Party here in the United States, and I had always figured it safe to assume this was even more the case in Canada. What surprised me, and made the story interesting, was that she managed not only to stay on the ticket, but to vanquish many of her leftist rivals from the party.

Radical Agenda EP122 - Lauren Southern

Radical Agenda EP122 – Lauren Southern

From there came the “Cultural Libertarians” piece in Breitbart, which seemed like a good enough idea on its face, but I had my doubts. The thrust of the idea being, absolute free speech, essentially. But I’m frankly not so big on the free speech thing, I like property rights. “Free speech” is how we end up with trannies rubbing lotion on each other’s tits in front of children at public beaches in an effort to fight the aforementioned non-existent “rape culture”.

I was going to have her on to discuss that, and she agreed. Then she told me she wouldn’t be doing interviews for awhile, cancelled, and ended up doing Berwick’s Anarchast instead. That’s when I almost burned the bridge, but a bunch of you tweeted at her, and we’re back on for this evening. Which is fantastic, I mean, anybody who is getting piss thrown on them by leftists has to be doing fantastic work.

After we spoke I came on her show last week (I suppose this will eventually be published, she said it would take a week) to discuss Libertarians for Trump. Lauren apparently thought I was kidding when I told her “I’m an aspiring helicopter pilot for the Pinochet administration. Throw these people out of helicopters, do what you have to to stop them”, but as listeners of this show are all too well aware, I’m as serious as a fall from a flying machine. So this ought to be an interesting discussion.

There’s a lot more to get to, like last night’s GOP Town Hall, the hero of Belgium, and of course, your calls at 747-234-2254 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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