Apr 13

Radical Agenda EP128 – Aspiring Rapper

A distraught mother sobs in front of TV cameras after learning that her 16 year old son has been gunned down by police in Chicago. Pierre Loury was described as an “aspiring rapper” who “sometimes hung out with friends”. Police say he was a documented gang member who had prior contact with law enforcement. His Facebook page reportedly contained photos of him using drugs and carrying guns.

Radical Agenda EP128 - Aspiring Rapper

Radical Agenda EP128 – Aspiring Rapper

Police say Loury was spotted in a vehicle which matched the description of a vehicle used in a shooting earlier that evening. When they attempted to stop the vehicle, Loury fled on foot, and drew his weapon on police. Police shot Loury in the chest, and he died at the hospital.

Predictably, protesters are calling for “justice” in the case, despite the outward appearances that justice has already been done. Whatever your views on police may be in general, joining a street gang and pointing firearms at them is generally not considered a path to virtue and prosperity. Running around pulling drive bys against your fellow Chicagoans, even less so.

But when did facts or justice ever figure into matters for the Black Lives Matter types? These animals literally made careers out of exploiting the likes of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. When one has  to take up for violent criminals to make their case, I think it safe to assume there is no case to be made.

The State is perpetuated on coercive violence. That’s how it functions. I don’t like it and neither should you. But as long as that’s the case I cannot think of a better way to use that violence than to end the lives of violent predatory scum like Loury, Brown, and Martin. To see anybody cheer for them as heroes or martyrs speaks a lot more to the character of those demonstrators than it does to the wickedness of the State apparatus.

I couldn’t wait to see what CopBlock had to say about this, so I checked their website but they haven’t posted about it yet. They did however have a fascinating peice on how to end the police state. “Abolish Jobs

Jesus Christ Ademo… Can you please purge your fucking communists?

In other news, Bono thinks Amy Schumer should go fight ISIS, and I couldn’t agree more. 29 German Soldiers have joined ISIS. Hillary plans a trillion dollar tax hike. Glenn Beck thinks Ted Cruz is Moses. Trump can win with 1100 delegates. And of course, your calls at 747-234-2254 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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