Apr 15

Radical Agenda EP129 – Cheats

There’s a lot to get to, but this one really burned me yesterday. The New York Times (I know, I am a glutton for punishment) published a piece about “The Real Welfare Cheats“. You will likely find it less than shocking it pretended the welfare State was just absolutely awesome, very helpful to the poor, and virtually devoid of any fraud. According to the Times, the “real welfare cheats” are corporations who organize their business in ways that reduce or eliminate their tax burdens. Predictably, this trended on Twitter as left wing idiots blamed the rich for the misery they bring on themselves.

Radical Agenda EP129 - Cheats

Radical Agenda EP129 – Cheats

Now, I do not doubt for one second that there is corrupt practice in the business world. I do not hold any illusions about the influence big business has on the government. I won’t even take the short sighted line that all tax avoidance is inherently virtuous since it deprives the bad guy government of revenue with which to commit its evil deeds. When a tax code is organized in a way that the rich and powerful can escape its detriments but you and I cannot, that is a terrible thing for you and I.

So I would quite enthusiastically participate in a discussion about how to resolve such a terrible discrepancy, but this is not an honest conversation. It begins as all this leftist drivel does, with the notion that everything in the world is property of the government and whatever we get to keep is some generous gift of the State.

The fact that people and business prefer not to pay taxes should come as a surprise to nobody. Taxes are taken by force, specifically because they cannot be collected voluntarily. Nobody in their right mind would voluntarily give money to the United States Federal Government on the off chance it might benefit them in some indirect fashion down the road. Especially when we know that that money will invariably be spent on things that work to the detriment of all, like subsidizing drug addicts and irresponsible breeding.

The comparison of corporate tax avoidance to lazy welfare parasites in our society is almost too ridiculous to respond to. Even the most corrupt corporation in America, if it bought the entire congress and used that influence to monopolize all industry and charge outrageous prices and screw its workers over, it would still be far better than the second generation single mother weeping over the corpse of her gang banger son, scheming on a payday lawsuit against the police who rightly put the animal down.

Even the corrupt corporation has to produce something, it has to meet the needs of somebody somewhere. The welfare recipient, cheating or not, is a leech. There is no such thing as a worthwhile welfare state. It is a dysgenic program that promotes the absolute worst behaviors and genetic pollution imaginable.

So I’m less than shocked that this mess was trending on Twitter just hours before #FightFor15. Another toxic mess of communist nonsense where people who can’t earn, instead vote. That was followed by #DemDebate where I barely resisted the urge to eat my Glock watching Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton try to out-commie one another for two hours on CNN.

All of these people obtain their sustenance at our expense by compulsion. The welfare recipient, the minimum wage earner, and the leftist politicians and media personalities who feed them are enemies of the human race. They exist as nothing more than a government program, such vermin would not be on this Earth if they were not enabled by State compulsion.

Physical removal is the only answer.

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