Apr 18

Radical Agenda EP130 – Tax Day

When I was getting ready for Friday’s show, I was actually going to call that episode Tax Day. That’s because the tax deadline in the United States is usually April 15th. But we got a short extension this year because Emancipation day, which celebrates the freeing of the slaves in the United States, fell on the 16th. The 16th was a Saturday however, and federal agencies couldn’t possibly imagine missing a paid holiday, so they took the 15th off. Besides, it would be a terrible irony to collect taxes while celebrating the freeing of slaves.

Radical Agenda EP130 - Tax Day

Radical Agenda EP130 – Tax Day

Sadly, America never really did end slavery. They just made it more egalitarian. Today we’re all the slaves of one another in a giant cage called a country. At some point, somebody figured out that the human farm animal is far more productive when he’s given some room to move about, and in that state he even pays for his own room and board.

It may please some libertarians to hear that 45% of Americans pay no federal income tax. That of course is quite silly because they are not tax resisting sovereign citizens who challenge the power of the federal government, but rather because the economy has been so bastardized and the tax code perverted that roughly half of those who pay no federal income tax avoid doing so because they have no taxable income, and the other roughly half get enough tax breaks to erase their tax liability. This of course frees them up to vote for tax increases on the 55% of us who do pay, and that isn’t helping our political situation any.

Taxation is not only theft, it makes us pay for our own destruction. Endless wars in far away places with savages we never would have otherwise met have not exactly done a great deal to make the world a safer place, nor to foster good relations with these supposed downtrodden third worlders. Subsidizing their importation into our societies has not exactly done much to mend those wounds, no matter how frequently we self flagellate and call ourselves racists. Setting African slaves loose on our streets, subsidizing their existence, and excusing them of all bad behavior has given us nothing but crime, degeneracy, and a genetic time bomb which, well, tick tock…

Among the fantastic things your taxes pay for, a $6.1 million program to breed goats in Afghanistan. It failed, of course. The “official story” behind the failure is there was some kind of disease among the females which wiped out the herd. I think it far more likely that the Afghans whose herds were subsidized decided to mate with the goats themselves.

In other news, democracy is terrible and we need an iron fisted dictator to stop it. Some wonderful insights are coming from the White Privilege Conference.

There’s a lot more to get to, but I’ve got t-shirts to ship and other work to do, so that’s the blog post for today. Let us know your thoughts at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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