Apr 20

Radical Agenda EP131 – Celebrate

There’s a lot going on today and as I write these words I haven’t even checked the news yet. It’s 4/20 of course, and so hippies the world over will be getting stoned in public and talking about how much better the world would be if we all consumed the same intoxicants. Delusional ideas about how pot cures cancer, uninformed medical opinions about “cannabinoid receptors”, and contempt for the issuer of the food stamps they rely on for sustenance will certainly be in ready supply.

Radical Agenda EP131 - Celebrate

Radical Agenda EP131 – Celebrate

This will cost me a few points with the libertarians, but I hate pot. It smells bad. It makes the user lazy and dimwitted. It relieves discomforts that would otherwise be drivers of action. If your presence on this earth is unpleasant, this is a signal that you should work to improve your condition. Drugs give us another option, a temporary escape from our conditions, during which those conditions almost invariably become worse, leading us back to more drugs.

Look, I get it. Smoking pot has fewer proven negative side effects than alcohol or heroin, but this isn’t a particularly high bar to set. I’m an alcoholic with just shy of four months sober, and one might well make the case that my health would be far better if I had been smoking pot instead of drinking for the last two decades. But if I’m entirely honest with you, I’m kinda glad my drug of choice had the decency to give me some indicator it was time to quit. Most of my pothead friends never get this message. They think being stoned and detached from reality is an awesome way of life which never need change, even as their circumstances decline in perpetuity.

Saying “My drug use is awesome because it hasn’t given me a life threatening illness” isn’t a particularly convincing argument in my book.

Yesterday was Patriots’ Day, and shockingly enough we weren’t plagued with news stories about terrorists attacks attributed to white male right wingers. It was also the one year anniversary of our rebranding Some Garbage Podcast as Radical Agenda. I was tempted to do a special episode of the show, but I was too busy getting your t-shirts shipped!

Today is also the birthday of a very important historical figure.

In other news, New York finally did something politically sane. The White Privilege Conference was very triggering. Shaun King gets his privilege checked. The legacy media is leaving skidmarks in the toilet. And of course, your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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  • fatt_sam

    I am a weed smoking, alcoholic (last drink 13th Feb 2016). I’m productive despite my weed habit. I was also reasonably productive whilst drinking everyday. Quitting alcohol has increased my quality of life, I’ve quit weed many times, it has little hold over me, it always disappoints me when I quit and don’t get a sudden burst of productivity.

    Saying all that, I still agree with Chris that pot heads are mostly wasters, with stupid views. It’s easy to tell the difference, if someone bases their identity on their drug of choice, they can be dropped out of the heli. If it’s just a vice to them, spare them/me the helicopter ride.

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