Apr 22

Radical Agenda EP132 – This Rap Game

Yesterday I was feeling creative and decided I was going to write a rap song. What better way to oppress other races, than to appropriate their culture, amiright?

You may already have heard the result of that – the Adam Cuckesh dis track which has taken social media by storm. But as happy as I am with having released that, it wasn’t the plan I originally started out with.

Radical Agenda EP132 - This Rap Game

Radical Agenda EP132 – This Rap Game

A listener had sent me an anti-Trump rap song released by some vibrant cultured youth in Baltimore. They said, amongst other things “We got a choppa in the trunk, for Donald Trump” and made a series of other violent threats against the future ruler of the Earth. I had neglected to bookmark it and as I searched YouTube to pull it up, I found another, better produced rap song with similar threats. So I figured it might be fun to make a rap song full of death threats against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders full of racist references.

Having hit a bit of writer’s block I decided to take a walk and buy some bullets. Bullets always brighten my day. While in Walmart I got a text message from Adam Kokesh asking me how much I weigh. This was followed by a phone call challenging me to a boxing match which, is about the most unappealing thing I can possibly imagine. I took wrestling in high school and karate in college, which is more fight training than most meatheads have had run ins with, but no boxing and I’m certainly no Marine.

I declined Adam’s invitation and put up with some somewhat less than subtle jabs at my masculinity before ending the call. Adam then called me back and asked me if I would call him “Cuckesh” on social media so he could issue his challenge publicly, and delight in my refusal as a publicity stunt. I told him “Well, why don’t we just let this unfold naturally?”

So on the walk back, with my mind now occupied by both rap music and having been informed that my colleague wanted to punch me in the face, lyrics began racing through my head. I got home, jotted them down, and recorded the song I released yesterday.

This is not my first entry into the rap game. I’ve actually recorded probably about 20 songs over the years. I have one of them up on YouTube, and if I dug through old CDs and hard drives enough I could probably find the other 19. The fun thing about rap is, it’s easy. I can’t sing worth a damn, but I can certainly talk in a rhythmic manner over a musical track that some more talented person created.

The other nice thing is, YouTube has improved their intellectual property stuff a bit as of late. I can’t monetize copyrighted content (much) but I can upload it without worrying about a strike on my account now. So, seeing the positive reaction to yesterday’s release, we can expect to see some more brutal cultural appropriation from me in the near future. Stay tuned.

In other news, a white couple gives birth to black babies because god said so. Lindsay Lohan is converting to Islam, and hopefully becoming a martyr. Suicide rates are at a 30 year high, especially amongst whites, and even more so among feminism’s female victims.

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