Apr 25

Radical Agenda EP133 – Resignation

Look at all the haters thinking the show’s about to end… Nope, sorry kids. I’m not going anywhere.

The police in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado on the other hand, seems they’ve just about had it. All four members of the small town police department have resigned as a new mayor, Jane Newberry, was sworn in. Everybody in town seems pretty tight lipped about the whole thing, so if I’m entirely honest I’m writing this in the hopes that new information comes out before showtime. The local TV station reported, “The town’s talking, but the few who know why the marshal suddenly left, so far, are not speaking up.” Mayor Newberry confirms she has heard rumors in town that the marshal quit because of her taking over town leadership, but says as far as she knows it is just rumor. “I don’t know where the rumor came from because during the entire campaign we promised and I meant it. We were going to swear, reappoint him and swear him in as the Marshal the same day I was sworn in.” State and County authorities promise to fill the gap in services.

Radical Agenda EP133 - Resignation

Radical Agenda EP133 – Resignation

Thing is, you take one look at this new mayor, and you know she’s a cat lady. Eventually people are going to let slip the reason for the resignations, and you know this poster child for eugenics is going to be at the center of the story. This dysgenic product of democracy probably wanted the police officers to replace their service pistols with silly string, or confess to their white male privilege  at their swearing in ceremonies.

I sincerely hope a pattern develops. If police stop protecting the human rodent hybrids who currently overwhelm the resources of our civilization, it won’t be long before the wolves rule the rabbits once more. Sadly, since being a cop is usually a prestigious and secure career, few are willing to risk losing the benefits of that position and will generally tolerate and enforce any arbitrary edict of whatever legislative and executive personnel happen to have won the most recent popularity contest.

How much of this nonsense they are going to be willing to tolerate before they all quit or stage a coup remains to be seen, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the radicalism of the American left is reaching a hard physical limit. Perhaps with any luck the next police department that gets sick of being ordered around by rabbit people, will seize control of the government by force instead of quitting, and calls off elections.

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