Apr 29

Radical Agenda EP135 – Lucifer

I can hardly wait until this election is over. I generally find electoral politics a deplorable and undignified thing, but this has been so entertaining I can hardly stand to turn my eyes for even a moment. The world will be a better place once it comes to an end, and Donald Trump becomes our eternal monarch.

Radical Agenda EP135 - Lucifer

Radical Agenda EP135 – Lucifer

In the meantime, it’s difficult not to notice things like John Boehner giving Ted Cruz perhaps the strongest endorsement of the entire cycle, by calling him “Lucifer in the Flesh”. That’s almost enough to make me switch sides. I like Trump and all, but anybody who makes John Boehner that upset holds a special place in my heart. Too bad Cruz has stooped to left wing nonsense tactics like pandering to women and single mothers, and implying Trump’s policies are racist.

Satanists are none-too-happy about the comparison. They say the Dark Lord should never be compared to anyone so terrible as Ted Cruz. Glenn Beck’s The Blaze does not seem to be benefiting much from teaming up with this devil.

Speaking of beasts, that TrigglyPuff lunatic who disrupted the UMass anti-SJW event has been identified as Cora Miriam. Looking her up has been a lot of fun. You might be less than surprised to find out that she’s a complete disaster, and has a certain religious background that fits a particular stereotype.

In other news, we’ve got to treat Muslims better if we want them to stop killing us. Atheists think they can team up with Muslims to stop Christians. Lena Dunham would kill herself if she were a man, but fear not ladies you no longer need to be a man to get drafted into a war!

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