May 11

Radical Agenda EP140 – Fat Activist

Have you checked your “thin privilege” today? If not, you should says Virgie Tovar. She’s a self proclaimed “fat activist” and she was recently invited to speak at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health to instruct America’s future nutritionists, dietitians and social workers on the finer points of “fat oppression.”

Radical Agenda EP140 - Fat Activist

Radical Agenda EP140 – Fat Activist

Now you might find yourself saying “Why did a bunch of nutritionists and dietitians want to hear from someone who says being morbidly obese is a healthy alternative lifestyle?” and you would have a point. However, for fat activists, your health is not the primary motivating goal. Virgie is primarily concerned with being discriminated against sexually for her repulsive carcass, not so much about millions of people dropping dead from heart attacks every year.

She’s the perfect example of what’s going on in America. This pervasive notion that nobody should be judged for anything under any circumstances, except of course those who judge. If you judge people for their degenerate, unhealthy, dysgenic behaviors, you will be judged, a racist, a sexist, and a homophobe. Everything is to be perfectly socially acceptable except for pointing out the deleterious impacts of bad behavior.

I fear for the future, but not entirely because of these people. There is a phenomenon going on in America and Europe today, and it is the reaction to nonsense like this. It is we whom I fear as much as any leftist. The longer the leftists are permitted to push this nonsense upon society, the more devastating the reaction will be when it comes to fruition.

Think about it. If today a handful of us were handed absolute political power and began eliminating these troubling elements from our gene pool, we might target them responsibly. But this shift in consciousness does not begin or end with us. The worse this gets, the more people will begin to see that Virgie Tovar and her ilk cannot be suffered to live. Eventually this recognition will make its way to the ballot box, and carry through into the democratic process, which as we know, ruins everything.

I am terrified of a reactionary democracy.

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