May 16

Radical Agenda EP142 – Magnificent Nonsense

It has become popular as of late to say that liberalism is a mental illness, but I don’t think too many people actually realize how true this statement is. From time to time you’ll hear me say that leftists are the HIV/AIDS of our politics, attacking the immune system and destroying with force of law every healthy instinct in society. Their willingness and even insistence on holding simultaneous contradictory positions is the mark of an incapacity for reason. Mises called this “polylogism,” the use of one “logic” for one purpose and a completely different type of “logic” for another, though this of course is not how logic works.

I think Mises and a lot of other people are giving them too much credit. This is not the result of bad reasoning or information. It is a contagious illness which threatens the survival of the species. Man’s ability to reason and interpret the world is his primary tool of survival, and without it he stands no better a chance in this world than does a bird without wings or a wolf without teeth.

Radical Agenda EP142 - Magnificent Nonsense

Radical Agenda EP142 – Magnificent Nonsense

As one fantastic example, you might remember #ShoutYourStatus trending on Twitter. This particular trainwreck was a celebration of sexually transmitted diseases as a feminist symbol of pride. Nothing screams “strong independent woman!” like canker sores, genital warts, and cervical cancer. Sexually transmitted infections are of course the predictable result of the much celebrated sexual revolution of women’s liberation, the demonization of marriage, and rampant promiscuity now considered normal and healthy in today’s society.

But surely this is too ridiculous and destructive for anyone to take seriously. So in steps Zoe Williams at The Guardian to blame unsafe sex on, you guessed it, the patriarchy! Yes, those terrible men who have repressed female sexuality and attempted to simultaneously monopolize and nationalize the pussy, are also to blame for rampant female promiscuity and the diseases that come with it. The cure to all of this? Well, feminism of course. What else?

Good luck trying to reason with people who organize their minds in this way. It is an impossible quagmire of absolute nonsense designed to do two things.

1. Destroy humanity
2. Waste infinite time and resources of those who try to reason with it.

These people are not debate opponents. They are a pestilence which threatens our survival and in order for us to live, they must die. It’s really just that simple.

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