May 25

Radical Agenda EP146 – Counter Revolution

Awhile back it occurred to me, though I didn’t bother mentioning it at the time, that I’d been using some incorrect terminology. I’ve used the terms revolution and “violent overthrow of government” interchangeably for years and that’s not entirely appropriate.

Radical Agenda EP146 - Counter Revolution

Radical Agenda EP146 – Counter Revolution

The revolution already happened. Several times over, as it were. Wave after wave of left wing communist influence has swept through America. In one bloodless coup after another,. they shred America’s founding documents and principles, unraveling the very fabric of our existence. What we’re witnessing now, transgender bathrooms, jailing clerks who obey their states’ constitutions, the rise of Bernie Sanders, these aren’t even shots being fired. They are simply bayoneting the wounded at this point.

And for good reason. Wounded animals are dangerous. Better to kill them now than to let them regain their strength. The “progressive” strategy of American communism was sort of brilliant in that people accepted the entire agenda gradually without realizing they were being conquered by a foreign entity. The ole’ frog boiling analogy, if you will. The obvious downside for the left is, this strategy gives the public plenty of time to wake up and do something about it.

We might be running out of time, in fact I’m certain that we are. But for the time being, there are still weapons readily available. There still white people in this world who haven’t been completely emasculated. Try as they might the government lacks the technology to efficiently monitor all of us at all times.

We are the counter revolution, fighting back against both the invaders and the traitors. But we’re running out of time. With each day that passes, there are fewer of us. With each election, headline, and mishap, weapons become harder to get a hold of. We are rapidly losing territory on the last two continents we had control over.

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