May 30

Radical Agenda EP148 – Less Verbose Warriors

Congratulations are in order to Stefan Molyneux and FreeDomainRadio for crossing the 100,000,000 YouTube views mark. I’m just over 4,000,000 myself, and I’ve been at this for about 7 years. So at this rate I only have 125 years left to go before I catch up. I’m gaining on ya buddy!

Stefan released a video discussing this huge accomplishment, and during it he came to a conclusion I reached long ago… We’re running out of time. For those of you not familiar, Stefan and many others have always viewed the struggle for liberty as a multigenerational one where we all die as slaves, raise our children as slaves, and hope against all evidence that if we do the right thing, things will sorta work themselves out eventually. Indeed that’s a comforting message and is no doubt responsible in some part for Stefan’s huge success as a content producer. Sadly, what we’ve seen in the last two years has brought many of us to the same conclusion, that we do not have generations left with which to solve these problems.

Radical Agenda EP148 - Less Verbose Warriors

Radical Agenda EP148 – Less Verbose Warriors

Stefan warns his audience, that if they cannot win the conflict with reason, philosophy, and evidence, that “less verbose warriors” will come to finish the job. While I wish Stefan all the best in his efforts towards peaceful conflict resolution, I predict he will fail. This conflict is not about reason, or philosophy, or evidence. It is about force, and it always has been. If people were open to reason and evidence, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. So I look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with these “less verbose warriors” as we physically remove Democrats and Communists to maintain a libertarian social order.

Surely this will be necessary, because democracy does not show signs of solving any of our problems. For all my cheerleading of Donald Trump, I hope for nothing more from him than that he buys us some time and brings suffering to our enemies. Anyone who had hopes the libertarian party would save them wasn’t too well informed to begin with, and hopefully saw the foolishness of that strategy over the weekend.

Gary Johnson, who famously said on Stossel that Jews should be forced to bake Nazi cakes in the name of anti-discrimination laws, obtained the party’s nomination for president. His vice presidential candidate is Bill Weld, an anti-gun fanatic who endorsed John Kasich of all people in the Republican Primary. Though I dare say that neither of them are as bad as John McAfee, who told the party that they should be ashamed of being white and male. And what LP convention would be complete without a fat guy strip tease?

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