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Radical Agenda EP149 – Hate Speech

Facebook, Twitter, and Google have all vowed to tackle “hate speech” online, and said there is no conflict between this and “free” speech. Twitter has already instituted a “Trust and Safety Council” comprised entirely of left wing radicals like Feminist Frequency, and Facebook has already confessed to suppressing conservatives online. Google has thus far been a bit more reasonable, but it appears that is about to end.

Radical Agenda EP149 - Hate Speech

Radical Agenda EP149 – Hate Speech

#IStandWithHateSpeech was trending on Twitter yesterday in response, and as one might imagine, the language was… colorful. But I think one of my tweets was particularly insightful. #IStandWithHateSpeech because the alternative is hate action.

Here is a simple reality the left will soon come to face, and the right should get used to it as well. We can talk, or we can do. In this sense, it might almost be a positive thing that the left wing fanatics of the world shut down our ability to speak, because then we will instead begin to act. Letting off steam shitposting on Twitter is fun, but let’s face it, this hasn’t stopped the spread of global leftism. For that we’re going to need right wing death squads.

On the other hand, perhaps we use this trend to our advantage. We are on the verge of regime change, after all. It seems as though, at least in the case of Twitter, the censorship is not so much ideologically based as it is pro-government. Not too many leftists would see Vladimir Putin as a soldier of the downtrodden, but Twitter recently suspended some anti-Putin parody accounts, as well as an account mocking Putin’s foreign minister.

After Trump becomes emperor, he can always dictate that Dorsey and Zuckerberg et al just remove everything negative about him from the Internet. If they refuse, he can seize all of their property and execute their family members one by one until they comply. I don’t imagine this would take very long.

Jeff Bezos is worried about this. He says Trump is trying to “chill” the media, though he doesn’t seem to have any problem with “chilling” media he doesn’t like. Bezos says we live in this wonderful “democracy” with free speech as if those two things go hand in hand. They don’t. Democracy means majority rule, and if the majority wants to silence Jeff Bezos, then that’s what the majority will do, and as long as we’re going to be ruling by majority I think that’s a downright reasonable thing for us to do.

Censoring communists is far more reasonable than censoring “hate speech”. Communism is far more easily defined and has a far worse track record of spreading misery, death, and destruction. Let’s all hope that the next regime does brutal horrific things to left wing journalists.

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