Jun 06

Radical Agenda EP151 – Neurodiversity

You know how I keep on saying that I am proven wrong each time I think I’ve seen the craziest thing leftists could possibly come up with? Well, here we go again. Have you heard of the “neurodiversity movement“? These folks are actually pitching the concept that mental illness is merely another viewpoint, and to treat the hallucinations of a psychotic as anything more than a difference of opinion, is somehow bigoted. Autism, Asperger’s, really any number of disorders which makes people look at you and say “Hey, there’s something very wrong with that person” are all jumping on board the social justice victim class battleship to take down the neurotypical white cis heteropatriarchy!

Take this description from Autism Acceptance Month;

Neurodiversity is a natural form of diversity, found in every human society. It is similar in many ways to other forms of diversity, such as ethnic, racial, cultural, sexual, or gender diversity. Like these other forms of diversity, neurodiversity can enrich a society or community that embraces it; however, it is frequently met with prejudice and hostility by people who believe that there’s just one “right” way for others to be, to think, or to act.


Radical Agenda EP151 - Neurodiversity

Radical Agenda EP151 – Neurodiversity

According to these people, trying to treat and cure mental illness is “cure culture” and a form of bigotry that needs to be stamped out the same as racism and sexism and homophobia. I’ll agree with this much, racism, sexism, homophobia, and “cure culture” are all very similar. They are the healthy instincts of the people in a society trying to maintain the quality and cohesion of that civilization. The people who attack these healthy behaviors are an autoimmune disorder of the body politic and they need to be “cured” themselves, perhaps by way of a helicopter ride.

Last year at the annual Porcupine Freedom Festival in, Lancaster New Hampshire a featured speaker gave a talk titled “Neurodiversity 101” where she likened the struggle for acceptance that the mentally ill face, to that of the Marvel Comics’ X-Men. That’s right, psychosis, autism, and retardation are not “disorders” anymore, they are actually super powers fighting against the bigotry of the neuroplebs!

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