Jun 08

Radical Agenda EP152 – Struggle Continues

Bernie Sanders has vowed to continue his fight into the Democratic primary in Washington D.C. and beyond, despite losing last night in California, and Hillary Clinton’s much celebrated clinching of the Democratic nomination. He says that their campaign for economic, social, environmental, and racial justice will not cease. He says that their goals will be accomplished, and that right wing Republicans will not be allowed to control “our government” as he put it.

Radical Agenda EP152 - Struggle Continues

Radical Agenda EP152 – Struggle Continues

Those are some pretty bold claims coming from the loser of a contest, but to understand why he continues, you have to understand his campaign slogan. That whole “political revolution” thing is more than just a catch phrase. Sanders isn’t campaigning to be President of the United States. I mean, sure he’d take the job if he won, but that was never the point. He is raising an army to carry out in the United States the same communist uprisings throughout the world that he’s praised throughout the years.

When Bernie Sanders says “political revolution” he is quite literally talking about revolution, armed revolt, insurrection, dead bourgeoisie lining the streets as egalitarian psychobabble is forced into law at gunpoint. He’s just offering you the opportunity to do it by ballot before the shots start flying.

And now that the ballots have been cast against him, things get interesting.

That’s why Jesse Benn at the Huffington Post says violence against Trump supporters is awesome. Or at least, logical, as if leftists gave a damn about logic.

On the other side, Hillary Clinton is claiming some non-specific victory for vaginas worldwide as she claims the role of first woman to win the presidential nomination of a major US political party. That matters, claims Matthew Yglesias at Vox, for more than just symbolism. He says women govern differently, even when controlling for partisan differences, and that a woman winning the Democratic nomination, and possibly the presidency, will inspire more women to run for office in both parties, which will push the country leftward regardless of which party is in control.

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