Jun 13

Radical Agenda EP154 – Pulse

The news was so slow over the weekend I was tempted to cancel the show today. I mean, there was that shooting at the gay night club carried out by the ISIS fighter who was son of Afghan migrants, but is that really newsworthy? This is less surprising to me than the Paris attacks. But the good news is, at least this time no innocent people were hurt.

Radical Agenda EP154 - Pulse

Radical Agenda EP154 – Pulse

I hope my hyperindividualistic audience members will grant me some space to explore demographics here, either that or commit suicide, either way is fine. Gays vote Democrat. Muslims vote Democrat. It was “Latino Night” at Pulse, the gay night club where the shooting took place, and would you care to take a guess who Latinos tend to vote for? Oh, and the club was a “gun free zone“, shockingly enough.

Pulse wasn’t just a club frequented by gays, it was a political statement by a far left radical. No doubt if you expressed some skepticism of mass immigration he would have called you a racist. Sort of like what happened when Omar Mateen’s co-worker attempted to report his “unhinged” behavior prior to the shooting.

So I’m not going to stand here and pretend to you that I’m suddenly some kind of champion for the queers. They brought this on themselves. They decided to turn their affliction into a political cause, and to pursue that cause at the expense of decent people. They decided to party all night in a degenerate cesspool of sex, drugs, and alcohol, made possible only by the tolerant culture they derided as racist and homophobic, only to demand that culture be replaced by Islam.

And rather than take responsibility for any of this, the left predictably calls for my guns to be taken. Well, that’s not going to go over peacefully. I will empty magazines at anyone who comes to take my guns. Leftists have made my country so dangerous I don’t think I can stand to part with my means of defense. Perhaps after all the leftists have been physically removed, I can think about spending less money and effort on firepower, but for now I’m all about guns and fitness.

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