Jun 15

Radical Agenda EP155 – Watch List

When you don’t physically remove invaders, laws meant to control the invaders end up screwing over the domestic populace. One such example is our ever expanding “terrorist watch list” which does not bother to notify its not so exclusive membership of their inclusion on its pages, nor does it provide any means by which to figure out why you were included, or any means by which to get removed. In some cases this can prevent you from boarding a plane, and there has long been a push to deny guns to people on the list.

Radical Agenda EP155 - Watch List

Radical Agenda EP155 – Watch List

If you want to get Republicans on board with gun control, tying it to terrorism is a great way to trick them into it. Even the NRA won’t try to be the voice of reason when that becomes the anti-gunner’s scam of choice. Now Donald Trump and the NRA are scheduled to meet to discuss how to keep guns out of the hands of “terrorists” and they appear blissfully unaware that their supporters and members have probably been branded terrorists for years.

I’m almost certain that this is the case with me. My last three FFL gun buys have been delayed, and the last two still haven’t been cleared by the Justice Department. When one checks the official legal reasons for delaying or denying a gun buy, I don’t meet them. So the delay of my purchases is being done in an extra-legal fashion, of which I’m almost certain has something to do with public statements I’ve made that probably landed me on a list or two somewhere.

The NRA is quick to mention that people *should* have due process and a way to get off the list, but people have been saying that *should* be the cause for years. It is far more likely that new restrictions on listed persons will come with no due process added whatsoever. Then, all any political hack has to do to disarm his enemies is to label them terrorists.

Arm yourselves now, because you may well be running out of time.

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