Jun 20

Radical Agenda EP157 – Kenya Not?

In Kenya, homosexuality is punishable by 14 years in prison. If one is suspected of homosexuality, the police will conduct an anal examination to determine if the orifice has been used for such deviant purposes. This has been the case in Kenya for many years, but recently some left wing activists decided to challenge the law as unconstitutional.

Radical Agenda EP157 - Kenya Not?

Radical Agenda EP157 – Kenya Not?

Unsurprisingly, the judge was not swayed by the leftist cause. The terms “unconstitutional” and “not supported by leftists” are not interchangeable, as it turns out – much as that may seem to be the case throughout much of the world. The law dates back to “colonial times”, you know, back when white people were like “Hey there savage, check out the market economy, it’s fantastic”. So the idea that something practiced for so long, would suddenly become unconstitutional simply because leftists disagree with the policy is patently absurd. If only American courts had the integrity of those in Kenya.

Of course, this did not stop leftists around the world from taking to social media and making a scene. They condemned the evil court for upholding the law, and blamed, you guessed it, white Christians.

I took a series of screen shots from the Facebook trend page about this topic. Nearly every single one of them blamed Christianity for anti-gay policy in Africa, and specifically (thanks to the New York Times) cited American missionaries visiting Uganda some years back as the source of the problem. These same people had the nerve to call us “Islamaphobes” for not wanting to support our subsidized invasion of our countries by Muslims.

It’s a typical left wing display of polylogism designed to do a single thing – bring the worst possible outcome to the society. Never take into consideration that white Christian countries do not do these things. Never take into consideration the huge presence of Islam in Africa. Never take into consideration the long and brutal history of black violence against gays. Only blame white Christian heterosexual males for all of the world’s problems. Blindly propagandize for the extermination of the demographic that gave you refrigeration, toothpaste, agriculture, and medicine.

In other news, has Donald Trump betrayed us on guns? The NRA sure has. Hillary Clinton had some nasty things to say about God’s chosen people. Radical leftists plan “fart in” protest at the Democratic national convention. And of course, your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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