Jun 22

Radical Agenda EP158 – Brink of Brexit

Tomorrow the people of Britain will vote in a referendum on whether or not to remain chained to the European Union. They won’t have another such exit opportunity for a generation, and the consequences of the decision are quite dire.

Radical Agenda EP158 - Brink of Brexit

Radical Agenda EP158 – Brink of Brexit

Now, as regular listeners are plenty well aware, I’m not big on the democratic process. The majority opinion is wrong more often than not because people by and large are incredibly stupid. When you give them the opportunity to make other people suffer the consequences of their bad decisions the limits on their depravity are more or less removed.

That’s why polling suggests Britain’s exit from the European Union, or their peaceful exit, anyway, is exceedingly unlikely. Even though today’s polling has the leave campaign in the lead, the smart money is still on the remain campaign. One can be quite certain which side of this mess will be favored by voter fraud, along with the political, media, and financial establishment. Even popular will, I doubt would be enough to pull this off.

So then what? A generation of Englishmen compelled to servitude of a multinational government? Forced to subsidize their own invasion and extermination? To labor and suffer until the next referendum, by which time their demographic replacements will have overtaken them and they will have no say in the matter at all?

This is why leftists cannot be allowed to rule. To suffer beneath their boot for a day creates multigenerational catastrophes which can only be solved by blood, if at all. To suffer their wrath for years makes any recovery whatsoever seem dubious at best, and let us not imagine what damage they can do between now and the next Brexit referendum.

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