Jun 24

Radical Agenda EP159 – Hope?

I cried in the car today, and it felt good. I don’t typically see the future as a very bright thing. It’s fairly unlikely you listen to me for joy and elation, as my normal routine is to spout off about how terrible everything is and all the awful things we’ll have to do to fix it. The hopelessness of democracy, the dysgenic impacts of voodoo economics, the necessity of force to stop it all.

Radical Agenda EP159 - Hope?

Radical Agenda EP159 – Hope?

Then the British – of all people – fire their own “shot heard round the world” as they depart from the cancerous European Union. I didn’t think they had it in them. I figured even if they did, the margins would be so slim and the fraud so well incentivized that there could be no hope.

I had skipped town last night and found myself in a place with no Internet access and no TV. I had no idea what was going on but I figured I already knew what was going to happen. We saw Marine Le Pen come close in France, and then lose. We saw Norbert Hofer come close in Austria, and then lose. I was certain Brexit would suffer the same fate. It wasn’t until I turned on the car radio on my way back that I heard the news. Leave won the day, and Britain would be a country once more.

Perhaps democracy is not a one way ticket to catastrophe after all. Perhaps reversal really is possible without violent uprisings, death squads, and helicopter executions. It doesn’t make for nearly as interesting of a story line, but I’m willing to consider it.

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