Jun 27

Radical Agenda EP160 – Next Exit

Texit? NHexit? Which stupid catch phrase will be the next to slither through your social media feed? Britain’s escape from the European Union has left people across the globe wondering why they tolerate the edicts of unaccountable bureaucrats from far away, and secession is back on the table for many of them.

Radical Agenda EP160 - Next Exit

Radical Agenda EP160 – Next Exit

This is the most reasonable option available to any of us, of course. The idea of forcing Bernie Sanders supporters to suffer 4 or 8 years under Trump might delight the right wing death squads, but it certainly isn’t a recipe for peace. Forcing Trump supporters to suffer another Clinton administration, well, that’s just going to result in bloodshed. Living separately from one another seems like the most reasonable option of all.

Interesting then, that the people who seem most angry about all of this are the ones who insist separation is impossible. That’s because leftists are parasites and would all die in the absence of their right wing productive hosts. They can’t let us live separately, because they cannot live at all without us to leech off of. They condemn us as horrible people, racists, xenophobic, violent, hateful, and on and on and on, but they’ll never let us get out from under their filthy communist boots because they would then have to come to terms with reality, and this would be their doom.

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