Jun 29

Radical Agenda EP161 – Victim Party

“I’ve never felt so terrified to be a gay man in the public eye,” said 26 year old homosexual YouTube personality Calum McSwiggan. He claimed to have been assaulted outside a gay club in West Hollywood Monday by three men who shouted his and his friend’s names as they beat him.

Radical Agenda EP161 - Victim Party

Radical Agenda EP161 – Victim Party

Police however, tell a different tale. They were unable to substantiate any such assault, and took McSwiggan into custody “after deputies observed him vandalizing a car.” After being booked, photographed, and placed in a solitary cell, McSwiggan “was then observed injuring himself with the handle and receiver to a payphone inside the cell.”

Police took him to the hospital to be treated for his self inflicted injuries, and from the hospital he posted selfies and the conjured assault story to Instagram and Facebook.

Calum is a perfect metaphor for the “gay community” and left wing causes in general. Victimhood is the new celebrity, and the best way to draw attention to oneself is to play up that victim card to the best of your ability. Truth is usually little more than an irritating hindrance in such endeavors.

Why bother getting strong or learning to fight when getting beaten is held in higher regard than self defense? Why be healthy when HIV will bring you closer to the finish line of the oppression Olympics? Why care about your appearance when fat acceptance is the new civil rights movement?

Speaking of helicopter worthy sexual deviants, there’s a transgender degenerate running for the US Senate in Utah. Going by the name “Misty K. Snow,” this mentally ill self mutilator aims to take the seat of Republican Senator Mike Lee. Good luck with that, trainwreck.

In other news, Muslims are the true feminists. Clinton and Trump are polling neck and neck. Cucks are trying to reclaim their manhood#HeterosexualPrideDay, and of course, your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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