Jul 04

Radical Agenda EP163 – Physical Independence

It’s Independence Day here in the States. A celebration of shooting tax collectors and gun grabbing. power hungry bureaucrats. My we’ve come a long way. It seems today all you can celebrate is gay pride and Martin Luther King.

Radical Agenda EP163 - Physical Independence

Radical Agenda EP163 – Physical Independence

Even then, you might want to be careful about celebrating both at the same time. Black Lives Matter disrupted a gay pride parade in Toronto, forcing its leader to agree to a list of demands before allowing the parade to move on. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, really. BLM is and always has been a terrorist organization, and black criminals are known for picking on the weak. Moreover the gay mafia is a prime target for extortion because they pull this exact same nonsense with everybody else. They couldn’t very well for example, have forced Christian Mingle to cater to their degeneracy if the message they sent to the public was one of free association.

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