Jul 06

Radical Agenda EP164 – Immune

Imagine you hear your name on the television. You turn, and see it has just come from the mouth of the director of the FBI. You watch in horror as the FBI director tells the world in startling detail about how you have broken the law, lied about it, destroyed evidence, and put the national security of the United States in jeopardy. Then try to picture him saying “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against you for this long list of crimes and cover-ups.

Radical Agenda EP164 - Immune

Radical Agenda EP164 – Immune

If it seems far fetched, that’s because something like this would never happen to you. If you were caught repeatedly committing felonies, deceiving investigators, and destroying evidence, you would be prosecuted. If you had jeopardized national security, you might not even be prosecuted in the traditional American sense, you might simply be black bagged and dragged off to some foreign hell hole to be tortured, courtesy of some less scrupulous American ally.

But when you’re Hillary Clinton, these kind of concerns don’t apply the same way. “Laws” are every bit as negotiable and disposable as campaign promises. The idea that you would be held to the same standards as others is patently ridiculous. You spent your entire life amassing wealth and political power specifically for the purpose of being immune from all the normal restrictions and limitations mere mortals suffer through every day.

And perhaps for those of us looking from the outside in, this can be rather frustrating. No matter how many times we see the emperor’s lack of clothing, we still have this foolish tendency to hold government to the same idealized standards it has always failed to keep. We see criminal activity by powerful people and we say “Prosecute that criminal” as if we don’t know said criminal is in charge of the apparatus we make the demand of.

That simply isn’t the function of the device. The State is a weapon, and it can only be used to slay the enemies of the party wielding it. It cannot bring virtue, accountability, or truth – at least – no more than any blade, explosive, or projectile. The notion it would be turned against those wielding its power is too stupid to take seriously.

But, perhaps director Comey did not do Clinton quite the favor so many presently think he has. If Clinton is not prosecuted, then double jeopardy does not attach. Were she to be tried and found not guilty during and Obama administration, a Trump administration, for example, would not be able to try her next time around. If she is not tried now then she will have no 5th amendment protection against a trial after the election.

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