Jul 08

Radical Agenda EP165 – Let Em Fight

It’s been a rough couple of days in America. Last we spoke the big story was Alton Sterling, a black man who was shot by police during a struggle over a firearm. Shortly after that, Philando Castile was shot by an Asian police officer after informing the cop he was a concealed carry license holder. Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds live streamed the aftermath of that shooting.

Radical Agenda EP165 - Let Em Fight

Radical Agenda EP165 – Let Em Fight

Not that the left ever cares about such things, but Alton Sterling was a pretty clear case of a justified shooting. If you’re a convicted felon, threatening people with a firearm, and fighting the police when they show up, then you’re probably going to end up dead and this is a thing worth celebrating.

Philando Castile is not quite as clear, and has created some division within pro-gun circles. Maybe the shooting was justified, maybe it wasn’t, we just plain don’t have that information right now. The fact that he told the officer he had a gun before the officer shot him, doesn’t mean Castile did everything else right. Saying “I have a gun” and then reaching into a pocket is a pretty good way to get yourself shot while dealing with police, and frankly the attitude of his girlfriend leaves me questioning the character of them both.

What’s absolutely certain in both cases is that those police officers weren’t out hunting blacks for sport, and that more gun restrictions would only give more reasons for police to come into violent conflict with gun owners. Watching Democrats take up for Castile as if they were patriotic second amendment advocates, while calling for more gun control, is just too stupid to take seriously, but these are the narratives being pedaled by the left.

So we shouldn’t be surprised when this results in violence. I saw mass demonstrations in Minnesota with Black Lives Matter terrorists chanting “We have nothing to lose but our chains” and I said out loud “these people are about to start a damn revolution”. Just a few hours later, news broke about shots fired in Dallas, and now 12 officers have been shot, and 5 are dead.

This puts me in a fun predicament. There was a time I might have cheered for this, like I did with Justin Bourque, Jerad and Amanda Miller, or to a lesser extend even Ismaaiyl Brinsley. Police after all, are the enforcement mechanism for the edicts of legislatures, and I don’t much care for democratically elected governments. At some point, somebody is going to have to physically remove Democrats and communists, and since that is illegal it means you’ll have to fight the police first.

But, decent people should hope and perhaps even pray that movements like Black Lives Matter don’t succeed in their revolution. The State and the police who enforce its will are a problem to be sure, but what precipitated my shift in focus was the realization that the left is a far greater threat. These people don’t want the abolition of the State, they don’t want peaceful cooperative economic systems. In fact, to ask them what they want is an exercise in futility because they are incapable of thinking it through that far.

What Black Lives Matter, the Democratic Party, the LGBT movement, feminism, and the various intersectional leftist interest groups around their fringes represent, is nothing short of a societal autoimmune disorder. They are a social disease which must be eradicated without mercy or hesitation. Cheering them on, in any capacity, is a fools errand. They are incapable of doing anything positive because their entire purpose for existing is to degrade and destroy the human condition.

If the police wanted to “protect and serve” they would wipe these vermin from the face of the planet and allow the productive class to get back to making civilization function again. But instead, they protect these same criminals who fire at them from rooftops. They enforce the tax laws which subsidize irresponsible breeding in housing projects. They enforce “hate speech” and “anti-discrimination” laws, gun control, and affirmative action.

People act like they are taking sides with either the police or Black Lives Matter, but here is the sad truth. The police side with Black Lives Matter. The police side with every law on the books that created this mess, and if the next regime in power makes white breeding illegal the police will side with that too, or they will cease to be police.

And so long as that is going to be the case, I say let the police and the blacks shoot it out with one another while decent people avoid those conflict zones, arm themselves, and train to fight whoever wins. Dallas looked like a war zone last night, not dissimilar to St. Louis or Baltimore prior. How long before it’s your neighborhood? How long before the blacks stop fighting police and go after white civilians? How long before it’s you and your family dodging bullets? Are you still foolish enough to think that the people who extort you for their sustenance are going to protect you from the criminals they protect?

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