Jul 15

Radical Agenda EP168 – #FightForWesternCivilization

When Europeans make enemies of their neighbors, and neighbors of their enemies, gunfire and explosions leave the streets paved with bodies. A 31-year-old Tunisian man by the name of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, drove his truck through a celebrating crowd in the French city of Nice, gunning down those who his truck could not run over as smoke billowed from the Eiffel Tower. In the end, at least 84 people were killed, ten of whom were children.

Radical Agenda EP168 - The Bastille

Radical Agenda EP168 – The Bastille

Which is strange because the French really seem to have done all the right things according to the leftist playbook. They disarmed their populace, made it illegal to upset people, and invited the whole of the third world to take over their civilization. They call everyone racist, and never miss an opportunity to virtue signal. Shouldn’t ISIS have left them alone?

To members of this audience, it should come as no surprise that this strategy resulted in death and destruction. Leftists are at best suicidal, and more likely on a course to take all of humanity with them to the grave if they are not stopped. The weakness of European social democracy has left them fit for little other than being conquered by a more dominant people, and here come those more dominant people now, in their trucks with their black flags, rifles, and grenades, shouting Allah Hu Akbar!

And what are you to do about this? Well, perhaps in the next two, four, or six years you’ll have an opportunity to vote for a right wing party – or perhaps more accurately – what passes for a right wing party in modern day Europe. Perhaps in the next generation or so, you’ll have an opportunity to vote on whether or not to remain a member of the European Union, or perhaps not. In any of these cases, maybe you’ll win, or maybe you’ll lose. In the end it is a matter for the majority of voters to decide, and if your government decides to bring in all new voters to change the result, then you’ll just have to accept your defeat.

That’s quite a thing to say to a people on the day they celebrate a revolution, isn’t it?

Let us for a moment escape the foggy haze of hyperinclusive mass democracy and address the physics of the matter. There are people in this world who want you dead. Your government is helping your enemies accomplish their goals, by inviting them into your country at your expense, and preventing you from defending yourself. This is not a difference of opinions. This is a struggle for survival and you are not only entitled but obligated to defend yourself and your people against your rivals and all who assist them.

This is not about tolerance or diversity. This is about blood and soil, and the more of your blood that spills on your soil, the less soil you will have. In the end your daughters will pray toward Mecca, your sons will cease to exist, and your culture will not only be erased from the planet but from the history books as well. It will be as if you never existed, unless you stop this from happening, and you cannot stop it by obeying “the law”.

Here is the simple truth, and you should not trust anyone who will not say it. War is already upon you, and your own government is your enemy. This may well be the last generation your bloodline knows unless you are ready to kill your rivals in bloody ruthless combat. We need territory, and men to defend it. Those men need women, and with those women they will raise families. Those families form communities, and those communities form nations. Without men to defend it, we can have none of this. No territory, no life, no families, no communities, no nations, nothing without men to defend it all. And if the men of our societies are not willing to fight, then we don’t deserve it.

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