Jul 20

Radical Agenda EP170 – Unconventional

Alex Jones got attacked by Antifa, and escorted out by police. People are offering free helicopter rides to leftists. The old guard of the Republican party made a pathetic and desperate last attempt to stay relevant, before skulking off with their tails between their legs. The Daily Show (not to be confused with the Daily Shoah) threatened a gay conservative at a Breitbart party. This is the Republican National Convention of 2016, and I frankly find the side shows a lot more interesting than the speakers.

Radical Agenda EP170 - Unconventional

Radical Agenda EP170 – Unconventional

Next week, the Democrat circus begins in Philadelphia. That’s sure to be a special kind of disaster, but I suspect fewer violent criminals of the street variety to be there. I might even pay them a visit. I figure the people who were paying to ship street criminals to the Republican convention don’t have any interest in disrupting the convention of their left wing pals in the Democratic party. For sure there will be plenty of crazy, and without question these people are fit for little more than physical removal, but the likelihood of a shootout is considerably diminished.

Pennsylvania is an open carry state, but they have special rules for Philadelphia because they’re a “First class city”. In other words, the racial tensions of multicultural Philadelphia make crime a more serious problem there than in the rest of the state. Luckily, PA reciprocates my NH license, so I’ll be protected if something bad happens.

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