Jul 22

Radical Agenda EP171 – Postmortem

The Republican National Convention has come to a close after a spectacular week of communist violence, neocon cuckery, and reactionary backlash. On the one hand, I’m glad it’s over. On the other, I’ll miss the spectacle.

Radical Agenda EP171 - Postmortem

Radical Agenda EP171 – Postmortem

Ted Cruz doused his political career in gasoline, struck a match, and set it on fire in front of a screaming crowd and tens of millions of television viewers. It is to my understanding unprecedented for speakers at a party convention not to endorse the presidential nominee. Trump being the gracious winner that he is, skipped that particular tradition and let Cruz speak knowing an endorsement would not be forthcoming. Instead, Cruz said people should vote their conscience, and only support candidates who would support the constitution.

This cowardly little half measure was quite pathetic. It left Cruz, as New Gingrich later pointed out, the room to say “Well, in this race the only one who will support the constitution is Donald Trump”. It gave him the leeway to later say he had endorsed Trump all along, or to condemn Trump and make his own run in 2020.

But anyone paying attention knows Trump is not a constitutionalist. Neither is Ted Cruz for that matter, hence his perpetual apologies for the police state and war machine. But Trump doesn’t even pretend to be for it. He just wants to smash leftist incompetence and corruption, and he’ll be damned if the constitution which served as no barrier to Barack Obama, is somehow going to prevent Trump from accomplishing his goals.

Those goals by the way, were outlined in what might be the greatest right wing speech in the history of presidential politics. While the crowd chanted “Lock her up!”, Donald Trump savaged Hillary Clinton and left wing weakness for an hour and 13 minutes, as sweat dripped from his brow and liberal pundits cowered in fear for their very lives.

This is the greatest election in the history of politics, and I’m so honored by the privilege to cover it with you, on the Radical Agenda. Tell us your thoughts at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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  • chefjas

    The stop for speeding and then throwing her to the ground was a little over the top. Time to put some perspective in this shit. She’s a fucking elementary school teacher and you say she was likely going into store to “steal”. That;s bullshit man. There ARE bad cops in spite of what your new found law and order paradigm says to you.

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