Jul 25

Radical Agenda EP172 – Busted

Those of us who have followed politics for any period of time expect a certain amount of corruption and bad behavior from high level political operatives. Those of us who aren’t blind, expect a bit more from the Democratic party.

Radical Agenda EP172 - Busted

Radical Agenda EP172 – Busted

Getting to see all of that corruption laid bare though, it still manages to shock and amuse. Nobody was particularly surprised that the DNC was working against Bernie Sanders, heck I don’t even think it was particularly inappropriate for them to do so. Bernie would have been a disaster for the country and for the party, so if the party overlords have any job at all, it is to prevent such catastrophes from coming to fruition. When a political party stakes its entire future on dumbing down the populace and making intellectual discourse impossible, you have to have something in place to put a check on the stupidity of the voters you are creating and importing. That’s why the Democratic party’s nominating process is so much less “democratic” than that of the Republican party. That’s why “Super Delegates” exist.

Democrats are more evil than they are stupid, and here is your proof. If they actually believed their nonsense, they would have loved Bernie Sanders. If they really believed in democracy, they wouldn’t have so many checks on its outcomes. In reality, they know what they are doing is incredibly dangerous, and unsustainable. They know the average Democrat voter is a societal timebomb of stupidity, dysfunction, and bad genetics. They aren’t screaming for communist economics, open borders, gender abolition, and racial dysgenics because they think it is good. They are doing it because it creates a populace stupid enough to be fooled by their schemes, and grant them power.

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