Aug 01

Radical Agenda EP175 – Priesthood

Just six days after ISIS terrorists slit the throat of a priest in France, we have yet another story of an “asylum seeker” engaged in violence against a priest. In this case Father Jos Vanderlee, a 65-year-old priest in the north east Belgian town of Lanaken, was rushed to hospital with hand and tendon injuries after he was stabbed repeatedly by one such savage.

Radical Agenda EP175 - Priesthood

Radical Agenda EP175 – Priesthood

The man appeared at Father Vandrlee’s door asking to use the shower. Here I should point out, that if a fellow white man in my very white neighborhood in New Hampshire showed up at my door asking to use the shower, he would be sent packing, perhaps at gunpoint. instead, this priest welcomed the brown stranger into his home, and allowed him to use the shower. After showering, the “asylum seeker” demanded cash, and when the priest refused, the man stabbed him, and fled the scene.

Not to worry though. Belgian authorities insist this incident is not terrorism. So there is no reason to be concerned or to rethink the EU immigration policy. This is the new priesthood, I figure. Leftism is the new religion come to wash away the old. Praying to the god of egalitarian feelz and warm, fuzzy thoughts about solving lethal conflicts through love and understanding. It makes eating the body and blood of Christ look downright reasonable by comparison.

In other news, I fixed my technical problems. My personal problems, well… They’re another story.

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