Aug 12

Radical Agenda EP179 – Weak Men

If you’ve been paying attention this probably won’t come as much of a surprise to you, but a new study by the Journal of Hand Therapy suggests men are weaker today than they were 30 years ago. The study measured grip strength, and found the average had declined 12 kilograms in the last three decades. Grip strength, as it turns out, is a pretty good indicator of your overall physical strength.

Radical Agenda EP179 - Weak Men

Radical Agenda EP179 – Weak Men

The researchers speculate this has to do with the lessened likelihood of working manual labor. As labor saving devices, outsourcing, and massive immigration took care of all those jobs “Americans don’t want to do” we just didn’t get quite the exercise we used to.

Perhaps that is the cause of it, or perhaps that is merely a symptom of a greater loss of strength. While our jobs went overseas and foreigners came to relieve us of our duties at home, we were elevating the political opinions of our women and trying to “get in touch with our feminine side”. We decided homosexuality was a “healthy alternative lifestyle” and that “gender is a social construct” and egalitarianism was some kind of universally accepted moral absolute. Divorce and single parenthood skyrocketed along with public debt and the size of the federal budget. Something tells me this is deeper than a lack of manufacturing or agricultural jobs, and that the strength of our grip ought to be the least of our worries.

The good news is, rampant swoleness – as the New York Post put it. Men are hitting the gym in greater numbers and bragging about their improvements on social media. The cause, says a study from the University of East Anglia, is “neoliberal austerity”. According to these liberal academics, the economy is in the crapper because of capitalism, and men are working out because they need to find new ways of feeling valued in society. The “spornosexual” as the study refers to these men as, hits the gym primarily for reasons to do with appearance rather than strength or fitness.

Again, I posit a different theory. I suspect men are beginning to see their weakness for what it is – a threat to their safety which must be eliminated. Even if only subconsciously, even if they are entirely unaware of what they are doing, they are responding to the stimuli of foreign threats and resource scarcity by making themselves more combat ready. This seems to coincide with a growing political shift rightward all over the western world. Strong men make for strong families, and strong families make for strong nations, all necessities if we’re to survive the calamity our weakness and drift leftward has foisted upon us.

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