Aug 15

Radical Agenda EP180 – Rerun

Sometimes it feels like the news is just on repeat. If you didn’t notice that the names and places had changed, you might not even realize a new story was being discussed. Riots broke out in Milwaukee, burning down businesses and assaulting people to chants of “black power” after a black police officer shot a black criminal over the weekend. You know, cuz racism.

Radical Agenda EP180 - Rerun

Radical Agenda EP180 – Rerun

The “victim” of the shooting, Sylville Smith, had a “lengthy” criminal record, a stolen handgun, and his social media profiles were littered with gangster poses and guns. A police body cam video has yet to be released, but it reportedly shows Smith running from a routine traffic stop, and pulling a gun on the officer before the officer shot him.

Predictably, none of this matters to the rioters. Just like in the cases of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Jamal Clarke, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and all the other Black Lives Matter martyrs, the facts of the case are not at issue. They just want an excuse to commit crimes and demand resources from white people.

Just as predictably, white people are largely ready to hand it all over. Making excuses for savages in the streets who destroy their own communities as they threaten to invade ours. Decades of political correctness and white guilt convinces us of the necessity to have our privilege checked by feral animals in the streets, and no amount of experience seems to teach the lesson that this is all a con job.

It is especially amusing to me since I spent the weekend in New York, visiting family and friends. They thought my politics seemed extreme when they were strictly limited to criticizing the violence of the State. Now that race and gender and culture have taken center stage, let’s just say the reception was less than gracious.

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