Aug 17

Radical Agenda EP181 – Big Ideas

There’s so many things I want to touch on today, that I’m finding it a little difficult to come up with a blog post setting a particular theme. The fallout continues from the Milwaukee riots as communist groups join the fray to help “the revolution” along. CNN is caught editing a call for suburban arson to make it look like a call for peace. But peace isn’t the goal, these rioters want blood, and with George Soros offering up $650,000 to “Black Lives Matter” groups, is it any wonder people are jumping on every possible opportunity to throw a chimp out?

Radical Agenda EP181 - Big Ideas

Radical Agenda EP181 – Big Ideas

I stumbled across another fun bit today while listening to Glenn Beck in the car. He was talking about how supporters of presidential candidates will just agree with whatever they think the candidate said. We’ve seen this over and over again in prior elections, but this was perhaps more interesting. Jimmy Kimmel asked Clinton supporters if they agreed with statements from Donald Trump, pretending they were Clinton’s statements. But these were not your average man on the street interviews, these were asked of people attending the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. One would assume activists of that caliber might be a bit more informed than your average Democrat voter, but it turns out Democrat stupidity reaches the highest levels.

The second bit he went into was from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, showing Donald Trump supporters fake commercials with outrageous ideas supposedly pitched by Donald Trump. Ideas like locking Mexicans in porta-potties and turning late term abortion into a casino attraction. The show creators, Glenn Beck, and lots of liberal media outlets went wild with the story as though the Trump supporters were actually so stupid and/or depraved to have gone along with the ideas, but it became obvious early on in the routine that they knew it was a joke. It shows how desperate the media is to smear Trump, that they literally have to make up fictional routines to go after him at this point. The commercials however, were fuckin hilarious and I will play them on the air.

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