Aug 19

Radical Agenda EP182 – Ransom

It’s not ransom. It’s just money given to kidnappers in a time and fashion said kidnappers demanded in order to secure the release of hostages. If you think that’s the definition of ransom, then you must be one of those racist tea party conspiracy nuts who thinks “shall not be infringed” means the government can’t take your guns away.

Radical Agenda EP182 - Ransom

Radical Agenda EP182 – Ransom

But why should we be surprised at this anyway? We’re all paying ransom to the federal government every day trying to stay out of prison. The whole of mankind lives in a state of perpetual extortion as everybody holds a gun to everybody else’s head through hyperinclusive mass democracies in a global system of wealth redistribution.

So what if the Iranians kidnapped some Americans and held them prisoner in exchange for money? Are they really any worse than Black Lives Matter burning down cities demanding “reparations” for “slavery” they were never victimized by and which their targets never benefited from? Are they any worse than the Brazilian government demanding $10,800 from an American Olympic swimmer to avoid prosecution for a crime?

We’re all hostages, we’re all kidnappers, and every dollar exchanged is a ransom. There are no innocent people in a democracy. Just winners and losers, the living, and the dead.

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    How much are you paying Eddie to call in and embarrass himself? He can’t be that stupid, right? He sounds like a parody of the kinds of arguments you see on Facebook.

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