Aug 22

Radical Agenda EP183 – The Black Vote

This is the reason I hate politics. Inevitably, no matter how good a candidate starts off, they must become terrible if they have any intention of winning. The reason for this is obvious enough, the average voter is a horrible excuse for a human being. Products of the democratic State, they have been bred for generations to ignore truth and cling to comforting lies.

Radical Agenda EP183 - The Black Vote

Radical Agenda EP183 – The Black Vote

This is true for all demographics, but those traditionally finding themselves the exclusive domain of the Democratic party are obviously the worst. Non-whites, single women, and virtue signaling incompetent beta males top the list for obvious and not so obvious reasons. Historically 93% of black voters vote Democrat, and much of the other 7% likely intended to vote Democrat but failed to understand the ballot. Their low IQs, broken families, welfare dependence, and criminal proclivities make the Democrats an obvious choice for the less evolved members of our species.

I had been quick to dismiss liberal pundits who said Donald Trump was intentionally trying to lose the election, but with his new focus on courting the black vote I wonder if they may have been right. No Republican presidential candidate has managed to do this in recent history, much less one who had been smeared as a racist by the entirety of the Jewish media. Blacks vote Democrat for the same reasons they smoke crack and murder one another, and the idea that this pattern would be altered by saying “What have you got to lose?” 77 days from the election is too stupid to take seriously.

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