Aug 26

Radical Agenda EP185 – Just As Bright

Hillary Clinton gave a speech yesterday in Nevada about the Alt-Right. I found this fascinating since I’ve considered myself a part of this movement, if that’s even the right word for it, for some months now.

Radical Agenda EP185 - Just As Bright

Radical Agenda EP185 – Just As Bright

Predictably she spent the entire 32 minutes calling us racists and trying to associate Donald Trump with us. But what Hillary fails to understand about the Alt Right, and perhaps a greater societal trend, is that calling people racists is no longer enough to win the argument. Speaking for myself, that’s half the point of this thing. We have a lot of different ideas, but we’re coming together around that singular concept, that we will not have our women raped, our money stolen, and our civilizations destroyed just because we fear being called racists.

This is precisely why Donald Trump gained the success that he did, and why his pandering to blacks and his backpedaling on immigration is so distressing. It completely defeated the purpose of his entire campaign. Winning the presidency is important no doubt, but the co-equal goal was to deprive the left of this rhetorical weapon.

Perhaps my favorite line from Hillary’s speech came after she had drawn lines between white supremacy and white nationalism, racism and racialism, the “paranoid fringe” and the Alt Right. She said that the names may have changed but the “hate burns just as bright”.

The leftist narrative about hate is predictably dishonest like everything else these r-selected vermin spew from their putrid lips. However, hatred is our strongest weapon and that is precisely why they seek to deprive us of it. The immune system of a society has to hate a disease in order to attack it and rid the body of its malignancy. When we see weakness, invasion, and other threats to our existence we should and must hate it and rid ourselves of it with great haste.

The day the right accepts this and stops running away from the left’s idiotic shame tactics, will be the day the leftist cancer on society goes into remission, and is ultimately vanquished.

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