Aug 29

Radical Agenda EP187 – Crouching Dindu, Hidden Weiner

If you don’t feel like standing up for the pledge, I get it. Even if you want to burn a flag or two, I been there. Governments are not typically friendly to the happiness, freedom, and well being of the people they claim dominion over and so discrediting their symbolism makes a great deal of sense in the right context.

Radical Agenda EP187 - Crouching Dindu, Hidden Weiner

Radical Agenda EP187 – Crouching Dindu, Hidden Weiner

Sadly, most of the people who do this have the context all wrong, and that’s why I no longer participate in this kind of behavior. Colin Kaepernick sat through the national anthem, and says he’ll continue to do so until he sees “change” because he thinks America is oppressing black people.

That’s an interesting theory, since Colin Kaepernick was born to a black father and a white mother. As is often the case in these things, the black father abandoned him and his mother. So the mother gave him up for adoption, and he was adopted by a white family, and eventually grew up to be a professional athlete with a contract in excess of $100 million.

Good thing he wasn’t raised by his father knocking over convenience stores, or he might have been “oppressed” too.

I’ve got a tip for everybody who is pissed off at the US government of today, be patriotic. Yes, I know this might sound ridiculous, but that’s literally how bad things have gotten. The people who are playing flag stomping games, sitting through the national anthem, and whining about “oppression” are not freedom fighters. These people are communists who want a lot more government in your life, and the only reason they want to desecrate the old symbols is so they can be replaced with new ones.

I want a red, white, and blue helicopter with loudspeakers that play nothing but Lee Greenwood songs to drown out the screams of falling degenerates as we physically remove Democrats and communists to purge weakness from our civilization.

Oh, and that Weiner, it never remains hidden for long.

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