Aug 31

Radical Agenda EP188 – Racists Anonymous

Previously, on the Radical Agenda – and this time I mean it, we really did discuss this on the last episode – a listener was concerned that he was becoming hateful of individuals due to factors beyond their control, such as race. It’s easy to suggest, as I did, that this is not a problem. It’s easy for us to explain the source of that anger, and assign some righteousness to it. But for those of you who want to be cucked once again and beg forgiveness from your genetic inferiors, there’s always “Racists Anonymous“.

Radical Agenda EP188 - Racists Anonymous

Radical Agenda EP188 – Racists Anonymous

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, there is really a 12 step recovery group holding regular meetings to help people “eliminate the racism within ourselves” said Trinity United’s Rev. Nathan King. The North Carolina church has been holding the meetings for about a month already, and hopes others will pick up the torch and start hosting such meetings throughout the country.

I sure hope somebody starts one in my area. I will totally attend, and I’ll genuinely try to work through my racism. I’ll just go in and speak completely honestly about what I perceive the differences between racial groups to be, and then I’ll wait for the fully recovered racists to refute my statements with facts and evidence.

Sadly, we all know this is not how it would work. Were one to do this, they would be accused of racism at the racists anonymous meeting. That would be sort of awkward, wouldn’t it? “Yes, of course I’m a racist. That’s why I’m here!” and surely they would be reminded that people do not drink at Alcoholics Anonymous, and thus they should not be racists at racists anonymous. And since racism today means disagreeing with the Democratic party, or allowing any demographic disparity to exist, the entire meeting will consist of leftist virtue signaling and perhaps tolerating some unintelligible black speakers to come in and berate the white attendees for their inherent racism.

The end of this stupidity cannot come soon enough, and neither can your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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